Go paperless in your Accounts Payable

HQdocs helps teams automate their Accounts Payable.  

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Reduce invoice processing costs

Eliminate manual data entry

Decrease invoice cycle time

Detect fraudulent invoices

Improve invoice payment tracking for cash flow management 

Improve visibility and search-ability of invoices

Automate your invoice approval/receipt workflow 


Instantly translate your invoice into a workable format 

HQdocs captures and structures your invoice’s header and inventory line items alleviating the need for tireless manual entry. 

Multiple Input Methods

We know it's painful to upload invoices one by one. With HQdocs, you can send invoices straight from your personalised email address, or mass upload them via the platform.

Search for any item in any invoice quickly 

Easily search through all your invoices at a line item level. 

Role-based user access management

Map users to specific roles with different access and approval rights. 

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Collaborate on approvals

Optimise your team’s invoice rooting and approval workflow so that you can divide and conquer. 

Accounts Payable Dashboard

A central control panel of your Accounts Payable for centralised invoice routing.  

Multi Currency Support

HQdocs captures multiple currencies. 

Keep a detailed document history log

View document activity and invoice versions in real time.

Make Fraud Detection Easy

HQdocs checks every invoice for ABN validity.


Launched in 2019, HQdocs is an innovative Australian start-up providing e-invoicing and purchasing solutions and services for Accounts Payable Teams.

Powered by 

HQDocs. is backed by Octagon5 an Australian eProcurement & eInvoicing Services company founded in 2010 implementing e-invoicing and e-procurement solutions for Tier 1 Organisations and Government Agencies in Australia.

Easily integrate with your accounting system

HQdocs integrates with your accounting system of choice -

all you have to do is click send. 


Designed, developed, supported and operated in Australia. HQdocs is hosted in the AWS data centre in Sydney, Australia using security systems developed for banks. 

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